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To post a personal sale:
1. Download Nearbiz App
2. Login with an email
3. Go to "Account", select "Manage Open Market".
4. Click on the (+) sign on the top right corner and follow the steps.
Remember to click on the circle in geolocation to get your business point.
Business Account:
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Vietnam: +84 903 339 8881
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It is so easy to be popular with NearBiz. We have developed a concept that helps small businesses grow fast, service is backed by

Easy Mass Marketing

The easiest mass marketing method on the market. No email, no SEO, no complicated process.

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Need a quick solution to run your business like a pro? Get an account with Nearbiz and start working instantly.

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Never been easier to let everyone know that you are hiring. Create a hiring message and post it online in minutes.


Ever heard about eMall? NearBiz provides an eCommerce solution that is so easy to set up.