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Hành trình của chúng ta chỉ mới bắt đầu, nhưng chúng tôi sẽ đồng hành cùng bạn trong suốt chặng đường dài.

Trong khi đó, bạn sẽ không gặp phải khó khăn gì.

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Listing Business - Business Mobile Application - Paperless Flyer Service - Point of Sale (POS) - Online Booking - Contactless Order - Feedback Review Ranking Site - Web Design



Businesses are listed free on NearBiz. Many other sites are doing the same, but NearBiz is easier and more convenient to use.


- Visible instantly on Nearbiz app when an account is created.
- Owner can start editing the business profile right away.

- Business will have a free business page that can be used as an alternative to a business website if the business doesn’t have a website. Able to change header images, add a company logo, add business images, add video links from youtube.




- Businesses can start using Nearbiz app to engage with customers right away once an account is created.

- Encourage customers to download the app (same action if they have their own app), log in, and vote for the business. The vote will contribute to the rating and ranking of the business.


- Business features: Send Paperless Flyer, Coupons to direct customers, and Nearbiz app users. Posting Hiring Message. Making Announcements to local customers.



- Nearbiz provides a unique online marketplace platform that allows customers to pay directly to a business’ PayPal account. Nearbiz does not require or take any commission from the transaction!


- Businesses can set up to sell online easily with a built-in dashboard. The online store can be set up and start to sell online in few minutes.



- Nearbiz’s unique POS system, the only such system in the world, does not require any special equipment. This saves the business owner $500 to $5000. Business owners can use any computer, laptop, tablet, which enables more businesses to sell online in a professional way like a supermarket.

This feature is available to all businesses worldwide!

- NearBiz POS system has a built-in auto-scheduling for nail technicians, hairstylists, and can also be used in massage locations or spas as well.

The online booking is seamlessly integrated into the app.


- A sell report is automatically generated and can be accessed by the owner at any time. This report can be categorized and retrieved by daily, weekly, or any date as required by the owner.


- Easy to set up. A nail salon can complete the whole process within 30 minutes.





- Restaurants can enable the contactless order feature.


- Customer can make an order using the Nearbiz app, pick up, and pay on-site. Restaurants can send a notification to the customer that their order is ready for pickup.


- (NEW) Customers can sit in the restaurant and make orders without the need of a waiter. The restaurant will know which table to serve.


- Customers can browse the menu without searching within the app if they’re close to the restaurant.





- If a user uses Nearbiz app and searches “restaurant ” he will see all restaurants around their location. Users can adjust the radius as necessary.


- If there are 3 restaurants nearby, the restaurant with the highest rating and rank will be listed at the top.


- To be more specific. A user can search “ Vietnamese restaurants” the app will show only Vietnamese restaurants. The first one on the top is the highest rank.


- Find businesses easier and faster anywhere around the globe with just one touch.

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