Not only lists businesses for free, but NearBiz also provides:

- A free business page that can be used as a website, available instantly.


- Free standard web design service (not include domain and hosting fees).


- Discounted business card printing starting at $29 for 1000 cards.


- A Vote and Review system for business.

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Building an app is costly. Not every business can afford to have one. Just use NearBiz app.


- Start to engage with customers right away once an account is created.

- Customers can vote and review for your business using the Nearbiz app. Their votes will value the rating and ranking of the business.

- Mass marketing notification push: Create a promotion announcement easily, add one or multiple digital flyers, coupons, or photos of feature products on sale... etc. Customers will receive a notification as soon as the promotion is activated.

- Wide range cover: all app users can see the ad within the range of 5 miles radius around the business location (5 to 25 miles) when opening the app without searching.

- Able to post a hiring message on Nearbiz using the app; this works the same as the promotion feature, so all app users in the area can see the post.

- Business owners can monitor the online orders, online booking, customers check-in via our Duo POS system.

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- Post a hiring message on Nearbiz in minutes.

- Monitor applications conveniently with a dashboard.

- Receive PDF resumes directly from candidates.



Once your business is listed on Nearbiz, the nearby local users can spot it almost instantly because the data will be updated to the app in real-time.

Besides, Nearbiz has been developing a new concept called "Cross Businesses Marketing Support" that helps new business grow faster and break into the market easier with less advertising and marketing cost.

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- SAVE BIG up to $3000. No expensive special POS equipment needed. 

- This pos system has a built-in auto scheduling for nail technicians, hair stylists, and can also be used in spa/massage locations or spas as well.

- The online booking is seamlessly integrated into the app.


- Sale reports are automatically generated and can be accessed by the owner at any time. This report can be catagorized and retrieved by daily, weekly, or any date as required by the owner.


- Easy to set up. A nail salon can complete the whole process within 30 minutes.